Water Night is managed by thewaterconservancy.org

About the event

a) What is Water Night?

Water Night is a national annual event that challenges households to survive a night without using their taps and showers. This challenge will ask householders to improve their water mindfulness.

b) When is Water Night?

During National Water Week - 12pm-12am, Thursday 21st October 2021

c) Who is managing Water Night?

Smart Approved WaterMark – the one stop shop for Water Efficiency

d) Why does Australia need a Water Night?

Australia’s water literacy is very low and so is the perceived value of tap water. Every household in the nation relies on water to survive yet only 42% of the nation consider tap water to be precious. We believe a combination of education and a personal water deprivation experience will lead to a renewed appreciation for tap water and better water behaviour longer term.

e) How is Water Night being delivered?

Water Night is a household event, held independently by participants who may choose to register. The event is promoted through traditional broadcast media and social platforms.

f) Who is sponsoring/supporting Water Night?

Water Night is supported both Sponsors (financial supporters) and Supporters (in kind supporters) from within the water industry, local government and associations and not for profits and more.

g) Can my business take part?

Water Night is an initiative aimed at households. However small businesses can take part to promote the event if they contact us. If businesses would like to be acknowledged for garnering registrations from their staff they can use the school/group acknowledgment field in the registration form so registrations can be connected to one organisation.

h) Can a team as opposed to a household take part?

Just as in the point f) above, a household must be registered but households can be connected by a group acknowledged in the registration form.

i) What if only one person from my household wants to participate?

That’s absolutely fine we are eager for anyone to experience the water night.

j) Can I take part overseas?

You won’t be able to register as registrations are limited to Australia only at this stage however you can certainly download the materials we offer at www.waternight.com.au and can let us know about your experience by posting on our social platforms and by emailing us.

k) What year did Water Night launch?

2020 was the first year.

l) Is Water Night an annual event?

Yes, it is.

How to take part

a) How do I sign up?

Register here

b) Who can take part?

Anyone can take part although the registration form is focused on registrants from households and linking them to schools and groups where relevant.

c) Is there an age limit?

Realistically all registrants should be 18 or over to ensure they are clear on the terms and conditions. Anyone can participate in the event and we encourage all ages to take part however we ask that minors under 18 are supervised by an adult when it comes to using water and participating in the social and craft activities.

d) Can I get an event kit?

Event kits are available as a set of downloads at Event Resources

e) Do I have to go without running water for the whole night?

It would be awesome if you could try to go without running water between 5pm and 5am for anything other than handwashing and religious purposes. Of course, if you feel you need to use taps or showers that is your prerogative.

f) Can I flush my toilet?

Absolutely, we would love it if you were to reduce the amount of times you flushed in the evening maybe limiting flushes to poo alone or holding back from night time flushing but again that is completely your prerogative.

g) Can I wash my hands to stay safe from Covid-19?

Absolutely yes and you should feel comfortable to be using your taps for this and for any religious purposes.

h) How do I keep water clean and safe for drinking?

We are encouraging households to fill water bottles for drinking and storing them in the fridge before the event starts. We suggest you use a bowl or ladle to take water from your bucket rather than putting hands into the bucket.

i) Can I drink the water from my bucket/container?

We would advise against this. Prepare drinking water before the event and fill kettles and coffee makers beforehand so you are prepared.

j) I don’t have a bucket. Do I need to buy one?

It’s not a necessity to buy a bucket you can use other jugs and bowls so you have back-up water.

k) How long do I have to participate?

We suggest taking part between 12pm and 12am but realistically if you can give this a couple of hours we believe you will see that you reach for your taps 50% more than you expected to and if you discover this then you will already be on your way to improved water mindfulness.

l) How can I make sure my Water Night event is safe?

Have a good read of the things to do and avoid in the terms and conditions.

m) Can I download your logo or any pictures?

No you can’t but we encourage you to share and retweet any or all of our social posts and stories and to use the hashtag #waternightchallenge on all related event information and images.

n) Can I take part if I don’t live in Australia?

You won’t be able to register as registrations are limited to Australia only at this stage however you can certainly download the materials we offer and can let us know about your experience by posting on our social platforms and by emailing us.

When and where to take part

a) Can I do the Challenge at another time of year?

Yes you can. Whilst we encourage you to do it on 21st October you can do this challenge at home any day you like to discover how often you reach for the taps.

b) Can I get media coverage for my event?

Individuals are not likely to gain media coverage but schools and groups might be able to if they fall in the jurisdiction of our sponsors or supporters. Contact us with your story and we can see what we can do.

c) Coronavirus: What is Water Night doing about COVID-19?

We are encouraging all participants to continue to use their taps for handwashing and religious purposes. Under no circumstances are you not to adhere to COVID-19 hygiene protocols during Water Night.

d) Are you a teacher?

We have a number of great resources for your class just contact us.

Registration Hub

a) Do I have to register to participate?

No. We would love it if you would register so that we can see what impacts the event has had on households in your area and the effects of Water Night on the night and 12 months post.

b) I want to participate but I don’t really want to register. Is there another way I can promote that I am taking part?

You can share your story on any of our social media platforms hashtag #waternightchallenge and you can email us your intentions.

c) Is my registration data safe?

Yes. It is collected and saved on a secure server held behind a secure firewall.

d) Who has access to my personal information?

Smart Approved WaterMark Executive and Water Services Association Executive have access to the data as well as the water provider for your postcode if they are a sponsor.

e) How can I upload a video on Water Night?

You can upload videos on any of the Smart Approved WaterMark social platforms including Instagram, Facebook and twitter and you can upload your video to TikTok. (Facebook - @Smart Approved WaterMark; Instagram - @SmartApprovedWaterMark)

f) What picture formats can I upload?

Jpeg or tiff files - Image / video specs: Square 1:1 (best practice) – 1080x1080

g) Is there a Water Night Facebook page?

No, the Facebook page to use is the Smart Approved WaterMark page: Facebook - @Smart Approved WaterMark; Instagram - @SmartApprovedWaterMark

h) What hash tag should I use when posting on social media?

Campaign hashtag to use - #WaterNightChallenge. Ideal post copy length: Max. 70 words - Call to action: Learn More - www.waternight.com.au

i) Where do I find the media centre/press office?

Contact us

Smart Approved WaterMark (SAWM)

a) What does Smart Approved WaterMark do?

Smart Approved WaterMark is the One Stop Shop for Water Efficiency. We certify water efficient products and services in Australia, Europe and USA and provide advice to communities about saving water at home, at work and in the garden. We also enable businesses to identify water savings with water audits and recommendations.

b) What is SAWM’s governance?

SAWM is an independent not for profit that is provided administrative/technical support by Water Services Association of Australia. SAWM has an executive, an independent expert panel and the support of the CEO and Board of Water Services Association in terms of legal governance.

c) Why is it important to save water in Australia?

Australia is one of the driest continents in the world with a thriving population. We often experience extreme droughts, the last being the worst on record, (for many townships this is still being felt) but as a nation our water literacy and water efficiency behaviours have reduced considerably. With many more people depending on water for life and more droughts and extreme weather events forecast – saving water, or better still mindful and efficiency use of water is a necessity to our survival.

d) What is water efficiency?

Water Efficiency is the term given to products, services and activities (behaviours) that demonstrate ensured reductions in water use or more effective water use to achieve the same goal.

e) What is water literacy?

Water Literacy is the term that defines a person’s understanding of the household water cycle from the source to the tap and back including treatment and reuse, waste and management. It can also extend to water catchments, restrictions and water use measures.

Policies and legal stuff

a) What are the terms and conditions?

Read terms and conditions

b) Why do I have to agree to the waiver?

As with any home event or initiative there is always an outside chance that there could be an accident or incident so it is important that we ensure that participation in the event and all associated bucket, water receptacles, young children and pet management and potable water use are made clear to you as your responsibility at registration with all of the above and associated terms not being the responsibility of Smart Approved WaterMark or Water Services Association of Australia.

After the event

a) What do I need to do after the event?

We would love for you to share your experience on social or by email and respond to our post event survey but it is your choice to do so. We would love it if you were to download the water fact and action flyers and maybe have a spin on the Blue House and water calculators to see how you might be able to use water more mindfully going forward if you wanted to.

b) Will you be in contact with me after the event?

Yes, we will as per the above.